5 Key Challenges of Running a Business and How the San Churro Support Office Can Help

Wednesday, December 14

Starting a business takes a huge leap of faith, long hours and endless challenges. When you join a Franchise system, it means that you start your business with support, resources, brand recognition and an existing customer base. Here are five challenges that our dedicated Support Office team will be there to help with:

  1. The Challenge: You’re worried about taking risks and you don’t have experience in all areas of running a business

Our network of Franchise Partners and Support Office team know how to run a San Churro store, so when it comes to unexpected curveballs, unwanted surprises or a full-blown crisis, we’ll be here to help! Our Support Office is made up of expert Finance, Product, Marketing, IT, Learning & Development, Human Resources, and Operations teams to make sure you’re covered in all areas of your business. 

A franchise system not only helps you minimise risks, but also maximise growth opportunities for you. Many of our Franchise Partners own multiple San Churro stores, and many more have expressed interest in opening another store. There are ample opportunities for you to expand and grow with San Churro as a multi-location Franchise Partner.

  1. The Challenge: You’re not an expert in current trends in the food and beverage space, and you have no idea how to promote your products!

If you run a business in the food and beverage space, you’ll know that you have to constantly refresh your menu to meet consumer demands and innovate to get ahead of your competitors. The San Churro Product team are dessert connoisseurs who love keeping up with the latest trends in the industry to create delicious, cutting-edge products that are based on proven strategies and years of experience. 

As a San Churro Franchise Partner, you don’t have to stress about creating and launching a new menu all by yourself to stand out from the competition, you just have to get excited about the next new San Churro product! However, the San Churro Product team cannot do it without our Franchise Partners who see our customers everyday and bring our menu items to life. Our Product team works closely with our Franchise Partners to get valued feedback and ideas about our menu. They also check in regularly to see where we can improve to become a more profitable, efficient, and delicious Franchise.

Once the Product team brings a new menu item to our San Churro stores, it’s time to get our customers excited. The San Churro Marketing team supports our stores with strategic, creative campaigns for each new menu with social media marketing, digital menu boards, printed collateral, offers and discounts, influencer partnerships and more. The Marketing team are also the custodians of the San Churro brand and will help you with all customer facing areas of the business all year round, including local area marketing activities and shopping centre activations. 

  1. The Challenge: You’re having trouble affording stock for a standalone business due to minimum order quantities and a lack of experience in negotiating with suppliers

The San Churro Supply Chain team has years of experience in sourcing the finest chocolate and other ingredients from around the world. They’ll help you by negotiating the best deals for the best product to be delivered straight to your San Churro store. Due to the sheer size of the San Churro network, we have increased buying power to access discounts due to purchasing ingredients in bulk, as well as being able to meet minimum order quantities. This reduced cost for ingredients results in lower operational costs for each individual store. The San Churro Support Office also conducts sales forecasting to inform order quantities, prepare our stores and reduce waste.

On top of this, all packaging is handled by the San Churro Product, Marketing and Warehouse teams to ensure that we’re remaining efficient, on-brand and sustainable.  Investing in a San Churro franchise gives you the tools and support to empower you in all areas of running a store that you simply wouldn’t get as an independent business owner.

  1. The Challenge: You don’t know how to reward your customers and keep them coming back

After over 16 years of San Churro, we know our primary and secondary target audiences inside and out. In fact, there are already San Churro customers out there eagerly waiting for the next San Churro store to open in their area. With strong brand recognition across the country, we remain one of the top dessert brands Australians think of when they’re craving a sweet treat. 

So, how do we engage our customers and give them a reason to keep coming back? There are many reasons our loyal customers frequent San Churro so often, but there’s nothing like freebies and discounts from your favourite brand. Our loyalty program, el SOCIAL, is specifically designed to engage and reward our members who choose to spend their hard earned cash in our stores. Along with free Birthday Churros, our el SOCIAL members are rewarded with points for every purchase they make, as well as year-round offers and discounts to encourage visit frequency and higher average transaction value.

Our el SOCIAL loyalty program also allows us to communicate with our customers through various digital channels and target them with content that is relevant to their location, interests and favourite San Churro products. All of this customer data is stored in state of the art software so that the San Churro Marketing team can strategically reach our target customers and improve the success of our stores!

  1. The Challenge: You don’t know the best way to train and keep your staff

Being a part of a Franchise network is advantageous when it comes to recruitment due to San Churro’s brand recognition and the sheer amount of people who apply to work for well-known brands in the hospitality industry. 

In addition to this, staff rostering is supported by a sophisticated online system wherein staff can be easily onboarded, take shifts, request leave and receive updates from the company. 

Training modules are developed for every new menu item, as well as for all new staff and Franchise Partners in areas including customer service, uniform standards, safety and more. We believe that ongoing and in-depth training builds confidence and independence among our staff, encouraging them to choose to stay with San Churro longer.


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1. What is the initial investment when opening a traditional San Churro store?

The cost of opening a brand new San Churro store varies depending on the size, location and format of the site, however the average initial investment ranges from approximately $350,000 to $550,000. This cost includes start-up fees, training fees, and store design and build costs.

Occasionally there will be an opportunity to invest in an existing San Churro store.

2. How can I finance my business?

There are many ways you can fund a San Churro:

  • From savings
  • Borrowing against existing personal assets
  • Borrowing a portion against the plant equipment purchased by the business
  • Using ready cash from the sale of an existing business or property
  • Borrow against the new San Churro business

San Churro currently has a preferred lending status with ANZ and CFI. Both specialise in franchise lending and have all the details of our franchise system.

3. How long has San Churro been in business?

San Churro commenced business in September 2004. The first store opened its doors in March 2006 in Fitzroy, Victoria.

4. Does San Churro help with location selection and the lease?

The San Churro Franchise Development team locates new potential San Churro store sites, however we are open to suggestions from prospective Franchise Partners who have a location of interest. The final decision on all new sites will be at San Churro’s discretion.

We then work closely with new Franchise Partners in negotiating with landlords to secure the best possible lease arrangement. The Franchise Partner will ultimately enter into the lease in their entity.

5. What is the average size of a San Churro store?

The ideal size of a San Churro store is approximately 60 – 175sqm, preferably with prominent frontage, highly visible signage opportunities and outdoor seating.

6. How long will it take to open a San Churro store?

It takes time to find the perfect San Churro site and work through the negotiation process. Once the site has been selected, designing and building a San Churro store takes approximately 12 – 18 weeks.

7. Am I required to work in the store?

Yes, we believe that it is vital that our Franchise Partners work in their stores. The best stores are those that the Franchise Partner operates as this ensures that they remain familiar with the store’s day-to-day operations and that their valued customers are experiencing the exceptional standards of service that they expect from a San Churro store.

8. What kind of training support is provided?

San Churro Chocolateria conducts a comprehensive 6-week Induction course for all Franchise Partners. Throughout this training, you will learn everything from how to make the perfect churros to how to manage a successful business.

In addition to the 6 weeks of Induction Training, the San Churro Support Office team will work with you to recruit your new team and provide initial training for your staff. The team will also be there to help set up your new store and work with you during your first week of trade.

9. What happens once my store opens?

Our dedicated San Churro Support Office team is always on call to provide ongoing support in all areas of your business including training, operations, marketing, finance, IT and more. There are also many opportunities to connect with the San Churro network with regional and national meetings. Our committed Business Development Managers will also conduct regular store visits to help your business be the best it can be. 

10. What kind of return can I expect from the operation of a San Churro franchise?

When you submit an application and pay your application fee, we will provide you with a copy of our current Disclosure Document, which will give some historical financial information based on the performance of our actual stores. We recommend that you enlist the assistance of professional business, accounting and legal advisers to assess the viability of the business.

Due to the significant variables affecting the profitable performance of each franchise, it is inappropriate for us to make any representation to you on the potential level of sales and profitability of any existing or new store.